Adds Yamaha XF chords into MIDI files
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Automatically generate appropriate Yamaha XF chords and insert them into any MIDI file, not just the ones created with the synthesizer.

It is a tool to tune midifiles of the standard formats SMF0 and SMF1 to be used at Yamaha XG/XF synthesizers, in particular keyboards. The program performs most of the standard functions of sequencers in a more easy way. All special features of Yamaha XG and XF are considered contrary to manufacturer independant software programs.
-Adaption and converting
Convert and optimize midifiles to be used with Yamaha XG/XF keyboards
Convert and optimize midifiles to the format General MIDI (GM)
Protokolling the attributes of midifiles
Convert Karaoke files .kar to standard midifiles
-System Eclusives (SysEx)
Detailed protocol of the included XG effect SysEx
The protocol file can be edited and the content may be inserted again
Import sequences of SysEx which are computed by the software SysEditor
Insert, change or delete the SysEx "Master Volume" to change the volume of the song
-Lyrics and Chords
Analyze the harmonies from the notes and protocol or insert corresponding XF chord events to be displayed at the keyboard. The protocolfile can be edited and the content may be inserted again
Protocol of the lyric text and chords
Insert lyric text and chords from a textfile or in realtime while playing the midifile
Comfortable Editor to insert, change, delete or shift lyrics and chords to new time positions
Insert "Fill Lyrics" at beat positions in order to get a well-arranged view
Delete "Fill Lyrics"
Adjust lyric syllables from a text file at the notes of a suited MIDI channel
Create a text file with lyrics and chords at correct positions which may be tuned by a window text function
Play the midifile and diplay lyrics and chords at correct time positions. It is possible to mute channels, to change the tempo and to transpose the song
-Transposing and Key Signature
Transpose is performed with simultaneous transpose of chords and key. Mega Voices are transposed in a correct way
Insert or change the key
With the use of Instrument Definition Files for the sequencer Cakewalk / Sonar it is possible to revoice by the voicenames of the keyboard
"Standard Revoicing" like revoicing with sequencers or at keyboards
"Voicefile Revoicing": Additional with voice changes the keyboard specific effects of the voices are inserted
"Revoicing from Revoicefile": Automatic revoicing by means of a template file
-Additional Functions
Intelligent change of Controller Events
Intelligent change of note velocities
Change song tempo in consideration of internal tempo changes (ritardando)
Change or delete drum instruments of percussion channels by dialog or with a drumfile template
Change or insert songname, componist, texter and copyright informations
Insert or delete the Quickstart Event
Insert a metronome channel
Specificate the left and right channels of the score display
Delete or insert Count In
Copy, exchange, delete or double MIDI channels. Channel specific effects (SysEx) are considered
Delete keyboard specific events like "Keyboard Voice"
Delete short notes
Select and edit a vocal harmony channel (Mode Vocoder)
Activate or deactivate Score channels
Edit the Layout of the keyboard's Score display
Optimize the notes of Vocoder and Score channels
Quantize notes
Change note lengths
Change times

A lot of functions can be performed as batch job for all midifiles of a folder.

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